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About Caretaker

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Caretaker gives you more time for thing you really love

Luxury in everyday life! For most people, time is a shortcoming. Finding a balance between working life and leisure becomes more difficult and harder with the high pace present today. A lot to do at work, leisure activities, and above all home work that has to be done! Cooking, ironing, cleaning etc.

Caretaker Gothenburg just does what we are called.
We take care of, or in English Take Care. We are in Gothenburg, but do not only work in Greater Gothenburg but also outside.

We work with household services but also companies and offices.

Our business idea is to provide the best possible service at the best possible prices.

My name is Lucia and runs the company, call me at 0739-400 196 and I can tell you more.

Our organization number is 556844-1421 and we have F-tax notes and are registered for VAT.

Safety and security

We have fixed procedures for how we handle keys, port and alarm codes and other personal information. Everyone who works at Caretaker Göteborg undergoes an internship education, writes a confidentiality agreement and has a license card that can be displayed on request.

Caretaker Göteborg has a liability insurance that covers possible injuries.